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Tips To get Better At Overwatch

If you want to get better at anything and any stage. You have to take a specific route to that like if you want to have a good technique for Fighting you’ll need to follow a diet plan with a training program OR if you want to get better at a certain sport you would have to play it a lot with a goal in mind. The same principle comes within the world of e-sports or video games. In competitive games like Dota or Cs Go, you would have to grind them for hours and hours every day if you want to get better at them. While getting good in video games is way easier than in contact sports you get the point of what I am trying to convey.

Every game has its own mechanics, movements, and skills. Games like Dota or Leagues of Legends need proper study or combo learning before you can get even remotely good, while on the other end of the spectrum, the shooting game like Overwatch or Valorant needs you to be in the moment and want your full and divided attention in between rounds. In the fps genre’s different competitive games, there are a lot of common numerators like aiming. Movement and hitting headshots. But in Overwatch 2 you had to have a grasp on your hero’s movement ability and most importantly your target tracking ability.

So in this blog, I’ll try to give you the best tips and practices to get better at overwatch 2. In this blog, we will discuss how to get the most out of your hero and how to be a better individual player.

1.  Choose a few heroes and stick with them:

Overwatch is heavily dependent on its heroes and if you want to get better at the game you have to pick a hero that you are good and comfortable with. So if you are just starting then you could pick a hero who is beginner friendly, something like Soldier 76, Moira, or even Tracer. After picking your hero you should play unranked and practice his/her kit a lot and get yourself with that hero. Playing with a single agent is fine at the beginning of your journey but it can create problems for you because overwatch is a popular game and because of that you can’t get the same hero every time. So my advice would be to get comfortable with 3 or more heroes this way you’ll be more dynamic with any team And you will be able to fit in any team regardless of your hero’s type.

2. Play with a team:

There’s so much you can do alone because undoubtedly overwatch is a team game and you cannot play alone. The game is designed to be played with a group of people, the heroes of their classes, the maps all of them are designed with the mindset of team-play. So If you want to get good at the game or at your role whether it’s a healer or a tank you should gather some players and always play with them. It does not matter how good you are and how sharp your aim is you cannot win alone in overwatch. The other thing that a team can do for you as an individual is it will enhance your role as a player because you and your team will coordinate with each other more and you’ll only have to do your part in the match.

3. Get a better rank in overwatch:

Overwatch is a hard game to climb the rank ladder. It requires an immense amount of individual skill at the top and you cannot reach that level without sacrificing your other activities in your life. But the ranks are so attractive and so elusive to get passed on. So what should you do?

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4. Practice your aim and movement:

So the next tip is the most obvious one but here we go. So the first and the most basic attribute of the game is to aim. The better your aim the more kills and impact you’ll have. You could practice your aim and movement in the firing range. I would suggest you try to track your targets and train your aim to be accurate while tracking a target. You could do this practice with most of the third-party aim trainers. The benefit of this would be that more or less all of the game’s heroes have a good amount of mobility so there are back-and-forth and fast-paced fights all over the place. So your movement coupled with your tracking ability can help you in these situations.

5. Play A lot:

The last tip that I would give you is to play a lot and it does not matter if you are winning or losing because experience is the biggest teacher and you cannot gain by practicing only. You have to get your hands dirty along with your stats to get good. You should atleast play 5 to 10 hours per week if you take the game seriously. You could play unranked with an open role queue this way you can experiment with hero choices and get the most out of your time. By playing a lot you will get familiar with maps, the ults of the hero’s timing and everything that a real competitive match has to offer.